Vascular Plant Systematics

Vascular Plant Systematics

Vascular Plant Systematics was written and edited in the early 1970s by several botany professors at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
©1974, Albert E. Radford, William C. Dickison, Jimmy R. Massey and C. Ritchie Bell.
Illustrations by Marion S. Seiler.
06-045308-7 Cloth, 06-045309-5 Paper, Harper and Row, New York.

We are grateful to Jimmy R. Massey and James C. Murphy for permission to use this material.
Most of our glossary images are drawn from Chapter 6 of this work, and most of our definitions are adapted from it.
This link leads to their web site, which presents this chapter close to its original published form, and is an excellent introduction to the subject.

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A ripened ovule.Seeds


Matured ovary of flowering plants, with or without accessory Parts.


Reproductive structure of flowering plants with or without protective envelopes, the calyx and/or corolla; short shoot with sporophylls and with or without sterile protective leaves, the calyx and corolla. Modified reproductive shoot of angiosperms.Flowers


A photosynthetic and transpiring organ, usually developed from leaf primordium in the bud; an expanded, usually green, organ borne on the stem of a plant.Leaves


The flowering part of a plant; the arrangement of flowers on an axis; a flower cluster.Inflorescences


An absorbing and anchoring organ, usually initially developed from the radicle and growing downward.Roots


A supporting and conducting organ usually developed initially from the epicotyl and growing upward.Stems

plant form

Classification based on duration and habit.

plant height

underground storage organ (anatomical characterization)

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